Bioenergy services

The versatile crushing and shredding services provided by the Bioenergy unit are always tailored to the customer’s needs while taking the environment into consideration. We offer our customers various tailored services and solutions ranging from shredding natural wood, crushing bio raw materials and recycled wood, providing comprehensive logistics services and warehousing in terminals to supplying biofuels to power plants. In biofuel solutions, our services can be integrated into the customer’s core business. We also offer tree stump crushing services as well as screening services for various needs.

With our partnership model, we offer added value for our customers by producing high-quality biofuel services and developing solutions for different situations.

Our maintenance service is based on a proactive procedure, and we develop our operations together with our expert partners

In our operations, we focus on the continuous training of our motivated staff, developing their multidisciplinary skills and rotating their tasks and positions. The principles of safety, quality and the environment are the cornerstones of what we do. Our operations are based on sustainable business.

Our service portfolio covers:

  • Crushing bioenergy materials: recycled wood, fuel wood etc.
  • Wood chipping at the roadside and in terminals
  • Forest chip supply to bioenergy plants
  • Wheel loader services for power plants
  • Pickups of larger quantities of wood in Kemi-Tornio/Haparanda region

We also deliver chips and chipping services for small-scale boilers


More information:

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